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About Zakłady Ceramiczne

The tradition of making pottery around region of Bołesławiec goes back to the 16th century. During that time there were potters guilds based in Bolesławiec that made various dishes such as pots, jugs, bowls, plates, and figurines covered in colored glazes, and often the dishes had rich artistic decorations.

As the knowledge and skills were passed from generation to generation the process of making pottery was improved as well. Harmful elements like Lead were replaced with feldspar to make the glaze safer and more shiny. Potters started using the signature white clay that has become a defining feature of Bolesławiec Pottery. At the end of 18th century pottery made in Bolesławiec was known across Europe not just for its unique designs but also for its durability and functionality.

Then the devastation of second World War spread across Europe. The town of Bolesławiec was in ruins. Some workshops survived while other were completely destroyed. Restoration took years and whole new generation. New workshops were established, and with help of Tadeusz Szafran -a famous Krakow-based pottery artist- the craft of making pottery regained it's former glory. The Zakłady Ceramiczne workshop was established in it's original form in 1946.

Over the years the workshop became known for it's craftsmanship and skill. The dynamic growth of interest in Bolesławiec stoneware sparked a period of success that has been lasting ever since. Beautiful tableware made by Zakłady Ceramiczne is a result of centuries-long experience in pottery making combined with contemporary designs.



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